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The services offered by the Agency

Economy and business
Identification of the potential clients, the competition and obtaining supplementary information about this;
Investigations about debtors and the insolvency cases;
Obtaining information necessary in negotiations;
Investigation and verification of the companies current assets;
Investigation about unfair competition;
Verification of the data supplied by the candidate for o job in your company and the behavior of these at the former job places;
Verification of the employees correctness and the way of respecting the confidentiality clause;

Finding and verifying the witness;
Obtaining the necessary proofs for the law court;
Identification and protection of the assets involved in the civil law;
Intelligence assistance for the lawyer;

Security and Protection
Consulting for counter intelligence and auto protection;
Verifying the interception of the communications and finding the surveillance instruments;
Identifying and verifying the surveillance teams;

Human Relationship
Person surveillance and establishing the behaviors of this *
Investigations of the facts, vulnerabilities and the predisposition of the teenagers (the social environment, drugs and alcohol consume);
Testing the teenagers reaction at negative sceneries;
The situation of the children in care of a single parent, after the divorce;
People finding and family tree.

Information technology
Protection of the network against information leakage;
Identification of the mode how the company's computers are used;
Verifying the persons behavior over the Internet;

Our investigation rates
We will discuss the cost of an operation with our client before we undertake any work. The cost of an investigation by our agency can normally be agreed as per our itemized charges. Rates and pricing vary by type of assignment, degree of difficulty, our costs involved, and the number of agents needed to be involved. In general, is required a retainer depending upon the service requested. During the progression of a case we will inform our client of all costs and charges in addition to the general development of the case.
* In case that surveillance is needed in order to resolve a case, like a simple stakeout of a family member, we could help you to manage yourself with low costs.